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One Pool Tournaments Requirements

If a player doesn’t fulfill all requirements, he won’t be able to play.

The pictures will be sent to or One Sports TV Facebook.

Rules acceptance

Player must read and accept all the rules of the game, and must fulfil all requirements.

Player must read and accept these rules about the tournament and follow One Sports TV instructions.

If we detect some foul (like pattern racking), 4 warnings will be given to the player:

  1. Warning. Referee will give a warning to the player and the game will continue.
  2. -5 points. Referee will subtract 5 points to the player score and the game will continue.
  3. -15 points. Referee will subtract 15 points to the player score and the game will continue.
  4. Disqualification. Referee will disqualify the player and the other player will win the game.

During the broadcasted games:

  • One of the commentators will act as a referee, with the authority to punish any action as stated below. 
  • The referee will be able to give the warnings to the players and to disqualify the players if needed.
  • The match will be stopped if a foul is detected. The problem will be solved and the game will continue.
  • The decision of giving a warning to a player, will be of the referee and no one else.
  • If any foul is detected after the inning, the match will continue and 1 warning will be given to the player. The organisation will pay attention to the claims of the other player if the foul just happened during the current inning
  • If the player loses connection during the match or the player is not able to play with a good connection quality, the player will lose the match after a period of time of lost connection.

Internet Connection

Internet connection must ensure the good quality of the stream, otherwise, the player won’t be able to participate in the event.

To confirm the connection, the player will send a screenshot of an Internet Speedtest. The speed test will be done in this webpage. And it will be done in the place where the player will play.

Pool table

Players will have to play in 9 feet pool table with EPBF official pocket size:

  • Middle pockets (12,5cm +/- 1,5%). Maximum: 12,7cm
  • Corner pockets (11cm +/- 1,5%). Maximum: 11,2cm

To confirm the pockets size, the player will send a picture of the pocket with 2 balls in it, or with the ruler.

Camera Position

The camera position must follow these standards:

  • Distance from pool table (1,80m +/- 20 cm)
  • Height (2m +/- 20cm)
  • Centred in the rack position.
  • Horizontal position.

complete guide can be seen in the official webpage.

To confirm the camera position, the player will send a picture of the position where the camera will be during the games.

Dress Code

Official EPBF dress code. Polo shirt, black trousers or dress trousers and black shoes.

Prize and registration fees payment

All payments will be done via PayPal or bank transfer. One Sports TV will provide the bank transfer data for the payment. PayPal payments will be more expensive due to usage fees.

One Sports TV PayPal account:

Instructions hereHow to pay your fee?

Finalists will have to provide their Paypal account (email) to receive payment.

Instructions hereHow to receive your prize money?

3 comentarios

Marc Vidal

septiembre 11, 2020

Gracias por todo. He realizado el pago hoy para el primer clasificatorio 10×4, cuando podais me indicais como realizar el pago de los siguientes.


Alberto García Ramos

septiembre 11, 2020

Hola Marc,
Para registrarte en los siguientes clasificatorios, tienes que registrarte en los siguientes cuestionarios y realizar el pago de la misma forma, indicando el qualifier al que te registras en el pago.
Qualifier II ->×4/
Qualifier III ->×4/


John Dangerfield

septiembre 11, 2020

let’s play!


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