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Predator One Pool 10 Challenge


32 player single elimination tournament

The main tournament will be a Stage 2 composed by 32 players:


Predator invited players.
One Sports TV invited players.
Classified players in Stage 1 (QUALIFIERS).

Live Broadcast on One Sports TV



The Game


One Pool 10 is a new game invented with the purpose of playing pool in the distance. Rules can be found here: Official One Pool webpage. Download Official Rules in English.



One Pool 10 Sample game



If a player doesn’t fulfill all requirements, he won’t be able to play.


Pool table


9 feet, Pockets (EPBF): Middle (12,5cm +/- 1,5%) & Corner (11cm +/- 1,5%)



Internet Connection


Connection will be tested with a speed test and a private test with the organization referees.

Internet connection must ensure the good quality of the stream, otherwise, the player won’t be able to participate in the event.


Camera Position


Distance from pool table (1,80m +/- 20 cm) & Height (1,80m +/- 20cm) centred in the rack position.

A complete guide can be seen in the official webpage.


Dress Code


Official EPBF dress code. Polo shirt, black trousers or dress trousers and black shoes.

Prize and registration fees payment


All payments will be done via Paypal.

The registration fee will be payed to the account:

Instructions hereHow to pay your fee?

Finalists will have to provide their Paypal account (email) to receive payment.

Instructions hereHow to receive your prize money?