How it works

  • GAME MODE: One Pool 10. Link to official rules. Download Official Rules.
    • Best of 3 Sets to 60 points. If there’s a draw to 60 points, there’s a Decider (Each player plays a rack and the one with most points wins).
    • Touching any balls with the hand is FORBIDDEN. Only the White ball after the break if player chooses ball in hand.
  • SYSTEM: Single-elimination.
  • BREAK: 1-Ball on the spot, 2 and 3-Ball on apex, rest of the balls on random order.
  • POOL TABLE: 9 feet, Pockets (EPBF): Middle (12,5cm +/- 1,5%) & Corner (11cm +/- 1,5%). See diagram
  • PLACE: Live broadcast on One Sports TV Facebook Page.
  • CAMERA: Distance from pool table (1,80m +/- 20 cm) & Height (1,80m +/- 20cm) centred in the rack position. See diagram
  • INTERNET: Connection will be tested with a speed test and a private test with the organization referees.
  • DRESS CODE: Polo shirt, black trousers or dress trousers and black shoes (official EPBF dress code).
  • One Pool 10 sample match.

If a player doesn’t fulfill all requirements, he won’t be able to play.